Monday, April 24, 2017

Homeward Bound!

After enjoying time in Antigua wandering the markets, bartering for gifts and souvenirs, attending a church service, and touring a coffee plantation we attempted to get our last night of rest.

Today (Monday) we arose early, 3:30 a.m., and then headed for the airport. We are now in Houston awaiting for our United flight 2047 flight to Boston. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

The G-Team

Friday, April 21, 2017

The past three days have been very eventful for the G-Team. The mornings are full of putting in hard work on the wall we are building around the school. The jobs on the worksite consist of tying rebar, mixing and pouring cement, and moving a large pile of dirt by hand. Teamwork on the job site is key and the team has been doing a great job making notable progress every day. We come back from the worksite exhausted, covered in cement, and tanned or sunburned by long hours in the sun.

After lunch, most of the team helps to run a VBS program for various schools in the area. VBS is an absolute blast and interacting with the kids, despite the language barrier, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. They are also filled with much humor. I walked into a classroom one time to a young boy exclaiming "Profesora! Professora! Es una gringo." We were more than amused and could not stop laughing.

Besides the humor though, our eyes are being opened more and more to the hospitality and receptiveness of the people here and we are finding that there are many lessons to be learned from them. Another way we see this is in the house visits that we attend. We witness their impoverished living conditions, yet their kind heartedness and faith in the Gospel and work of Christ. Their families may be torn apart, but their faith in prayer remains powerful and gives them hope.

We are very blessed to be able to perform songs, special music, and our drama at church services every night. The drives to these are always eventful, which sometimes involve steep mountain roads while riding in the back of a pickup truck in the pouring rain.

Yesterday, the boys on the GTeam had the opportunity to scrimmage some of the locals in their new indoor turf facility. We lost 5-2 but it was a hard fought battle.

The hot (sometimes too hot) water of Los Banos cools us down and is a great refresher after a long day of work. Our nights have consisted of group story sharing times, games, walks to get ice cream, and of course lots of sleep.

Your Blogmeister,
Jake Roberts

Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday 4/17/17

Building The Wall!

Today we woke up early and after a refreshing breakfast, headed down to the worksite. Our work project this year consists of building a wall around the school that past G-Teams have been working on. The work was difficult and exhausting especially with the high altitude in Guatemala that left us all panting for breath. The work was chaotic and dangerous at times, but the amazing group effort from our entire team and protection from God kept us all safe and allowed us to be very productive.  

After lunch, most of the team headed over to do VBS at a public school
in town. The energy and friendliness of all the 
kids in attendance was a great encouragement to us. As always, the language barrier can be a difficult obstacle to overcome, but with broken Spanglish, communication is actually quite effective and provides much laughter and fun for both parties. 

We had a day off from church services tonight which gives us time to focus on our vision for the next set of services coming up. We are doing well and are soaking up the Guatemalan culture, sights, and scenes. The food is different and other than a few upset stomachs, it is enjoyable. 

Thank you for your prayers! We are exited to see what the next few days bring our way as we continue to serve God and the Guatemalans. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

G-Team BLOG-2017

San Bartolo Bound is now a reality. On Friday 4/14 twenty of us departed from the Upper Valley with the ultimate destination being San Bartolo, Guatemala.
Those who are apart of GTeam 2017 are James Bryan, Danyelle Goodwin, Emily Jasmin, Kelsey Mossell, Brandan Palmer, Taylor Paquette, Daniel Roberts, Jake Roberts, Caleb Scully, Rachel Seale, Christian Tsakiris, Nathan Twarog, Michael Weiler, Grace Winter, Bob Bracy, Michael Douglass, Diane Fleck, Bob & Alison Scully, and Perry Seale.
After catching a "great night's" sleep at Los Lagos, the G-Team loaded onto a coaster bus with more than enough space and enjoyed the very scenic and picturesque drive to San Bartolo (treasuring every speed bump and sharp corner). We arrived in San Bartolo just in time for lunch and the first time attendees really enjoyed experiencing the walks through the streets for the first time. We were mildly surprised by the "traditions" of before Easter celebrations that happen in the streets but they were all entertaining nonetheless. We enjoyed a tour of the worksite and the returning missions trip attendees were thrilled at the progress that had been made since last year.
At 7 o'clock we headed over to the community center for a youth church service. We experienced singing the same song in two different languages and many skits that the youth put on. We were even able to perform a song and introduce ourselves during the service. We were encouraged by the friendliness of the Guatemalans and their strong foundation in the Gospel. 
 After the service, we all headed back to the hotel (ears still ringing from the intense sound systems).
Exhausted from our day of travel, we all headed to bed pretty early only to be awakened by the early morning Easter celebrations (fireworks, whistles, and horns at 4am). Today has been low key and has consisted of music and drama practice for tonight's special Easter service.

Pray for a blessed and fruitful service and week.
The G-Team

Saturday, April 15, 2017


The GTeam arrived ahead of schedule in Guatemala City. With the needed time in Houston several team members made their way to Chick-fil-a.

We have all had a restful,night at Los Lagos and a few minutes will begin our journey to San Bartolo. Pray for safe travels!